Welcome to BerDesign

My name is Sam Vincent Berdecia. I am a graphic designer who lives in and works out of Brooklyn, NY. Here at the BerDesign web site, you'll find samples of what I do and upcoming projects (as well as ongoing projects... like this very web site!). I think you"ll find some very interesting things going on here. Then again, doing graphic design in “the garden spot of the world, Brooklyn, USA” (to quote that world-renowned philosopher from Bensonhurst, Ed Norton... the sewer worker, not the actor to you young 'uns out there) can be interesting in itself, if only to prove that Manhattan is not the center of the universe when it comes to good, effective graphic communications. This being “The New Millennium”, you have to consider this: it is an occasion to reconsider what we think of as the Status Quo. It's a chance for new ideas, new approaches, new directions. It would be a mistake if we limited this to just new technology. And it would be a bigger mistake if we don't use that new technology to make these changes happen. You are probably wondering, “Well, what does all this have to do with this graphics guy working out of Brooklyn?” For me it means this: it means a chance for real independence from the graphic design establshment; to do work that's unique, meaningful and fun; to have more control over my career and my future. Here in Brooklyn, there are folks in many different professions who feel the same way. It is this kind of thinking that will provide options on all levels in this new era. As opposed to the “take it or leave it” sitiuation of the past. That's the kind of thinking behind BerDesign.